Healthier Perth Amboy

About Us

The Middlesex County-East Consortium for Health and Human Services (MCE-CHHS) is an inter-agency alliance of organizations working collaboratively to address a community behaviors and risk factors. The Consortium was established in 2001 is entering its 15th year of collaborative service. The Consortium's purpose is to assist low-income, minority, high risk families, to thrive, by providing a robust high-functioning network of partners, concerned stakeholders, schools, business community and individuals.

MCE-CHSS works to provide communities, neighborhoods, and families, with knowledge, ability, system navigation, referrals, and resources to address their social, economic and health/personal goals. There are 30 local, county and statewide public, private and nonprofit organizations associated with the MCE-CHHS, including Jewish Renaissance Federally Qualified Health Center, Raritan Bay Medical Center and the Middlesex County Health Department.

We have engaged local and regional corporate partners who conduct business in Middlesex County but also demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility. Corporate sectors represented include healthcare, insurance, banking and finance, and real estate. The Community sector includes families, youth, community leaders and residents who offer invaluable civic, grassroots based perspectives.

Led by the Raritan Bay Area YMCA, five coalition members are participating in a year-long Boundary Spanning Leadership Institute delivered by the Center for Creative Leadership. This team of five coalition members representing sectors including healthcare, community residents, social services, municipal services, and education, are sharing the skills and tools from this Institute with their full coalition to strengthen the coalition's capacity to make long-term change in their community. The team also includes a community coalition coach who is deeply rooted in the community and acts as an advisor to the team and the larger coalition as they embark on creating a Culture of Health in Perth Amboy. The coalition has developed a blueprint for action, outlining its work and timeline for the remaining three years of grant funding.