Healthier Perth Amboy

Healthy Corner Stores and Restaurants

Objective: Guiding customers to make healthy choices through food placement and promotion.

Promote Healthier Beverages

  • Limit portion sizes of sodas in checkout-lane coolers to 12 ounces or less.
  • Label healthy beverages in the soda aisles and checkout-lane coolers as “healthy alternative to sugar sweetened beverages.”
  • Make water available in all checkout-lane coolers.



  • For in-store bakeries, use whole grains in at least 25% of breads (e.g., buns, rolls, loaves,
    bagels, etc.).
  • Designate space in shopping carts for fruits and vegetables.
  • Place children’s cereals with lowest nutritional profile on shelves at least 66.3 inches high.
  • Increase the display space of select fruits and vegetables.
  • Offer mini-size bagels, pastries, and half sandwiches in the deli.


Education and Promotions

  • Offer taste testing of fruits, vegetables, and/or other whole foods.
  • Distribute healthy recipes in store.
  • Conduct in-store food demonstrations.
  • Host in-store cooking classes.
  • Offer grocery store tours.
  • Offer in-store scavenger hunt for kids.
  • Advertise produce as “local” or “regional” or display producer biographies.
  • Create grab-and-go veggie and fruit medleys and label packages with the number of servings of fruits and vegetables.
  • Create healthy brown-bag lunches to-go.