Healthier Perth Amboy

Workplace Wellness



Objective: Empowering employees to be happier, healthier and more productive by creating healthier work environments.

  • Adopt policies and programs that promote walking, bicycling, and use of public transportation (e.g., rideshare, vanpool programs, park-and-ride incentives,
    workplace flexibility, telecommuting options, flex spending for public transit). These policies and programs help to increase physical activity and reduce pollution and traffic congestion.
  • Make worksites tobacco free and support smoke free policies in their communities
  • Promote and increase the availability of healthy food
  • Implement organizational changes to reduce employee stress (develop clearly
    defined roles and responsibilities) and provide reasonable accommodations (flexible work schedules, assistive technology, adapted work stations) and make employees aware of mental health services.
  • Implement breastfeeding policies and programs
  • Identify and disseminate model worksite wellness policies and programs to the business community.
  • Encourage businesses to accommodate breastfeeding women by providing space and time to breastfeed during work hours.
  • Install workstation or office furniture that provides flexibility to sit or stand while working.
  • Provide employees with access to “quiet” areas for personal time or heads-down work.
  • Support micro-breaks to stretch every hour (prompted by software or other
    workplace cues).
  • Offer walking routes with the number of steps posted throughout work
    environment and encourage walking meetings.
  • Install adequate number of bike racks (at least one bike rack per 7,500 sq. feet of commercial space).
  • Offer on-site employer-sanctioned fitness activities (i.e., yoga, kickball, ping pong, fitness classes, walking clubs, etc.).
  • Improve Stairwells and encourage Take the Stairs Campaigns
  • Place live plants at the worksite or have an on-site garden.
  • Become a Bicycle-Friendly or Walk-Friendly Business