Healthier Perth Amboy

Strides Toward a Salubrious Future

Published: Monday, July 31, 2017 5:00 pm

The community of Perth Amboy is in for great changes through the planning and goals of the Culture of Health Coalition. Our coalition’s six work groups—Workplace Wellness, Healthy Corner Stores & Restaurants, Schools & Child Care Centers, Health Care Centers, Faith-based Community, and Community—continue to meet and discuss community health needs and priorities.

The work groups have been devising a blueprint of the most pertinent action steps that would positively impact the community of Perth Amboy. On May 11, leaders from each work group came together and consolidated the recommended action steps. To create the greatest impact and sustainability of changes to be implemented for a healthier Perth Amboy, the six work groups solidified four Health Factor Areas:

  • Health Behaviors
  • Physical Environment
  • Clinical Care
  • Social & Economic Factors

These Health Factor Areas are just the beginning for the projects at hand. Each area has key indicators that address the necessary steps to initiate the work by identifying partners, planning a timeline, and leveraging resources.

Steve Jobin and leaders within the Culture of Health Coalition are in the concluding stage of finalizing their Blueprint for Action. A drafted budget, action steps, an overall goal statement, and the strategy for the next three years has been shared with the NJHI program and is in the process of being finalized. We look forward to sharing it publicly on our project page here on Awe-inspiring changes developed for a healthier community of Perth Amboy are approaching, and they will be grand.